somcloud 솜프리미엄 서비스

30GB capacity and many more.
Get a Som Premium membership!
US$3.6 per month or US$37.4 per year.

프리미엄 업그레이드는 모바일에서도 가능합니다


  • 30GB storage capacity

    Som Premium account gives you 30GB, which is 30 times larger than a free account.

  • Remove ads

    Meet clear SomCloud.

  • Prompt customer support

    Having trouble using SomCloud? Our premium members gets top priority customer support within 24 hours to get their trouble sorted out!


  • Attached file size up to 100MB

    The size of a single attachment goes up to 100MB for Som Premium members.

  • Attached file restoration

    Have you accidentally deleted your attachments? Don’t worry. As a premium user, you can even restore deleted attachments!


  • Folder lock모바일

    Enjoy SomTodo much more easily thanks to the folder lock feature to lock up your secret folders.

  • Clear completed tasks
    at once모바일

    Can’t be bothered to clear tasks one by one? Go premium and clear completed tasks at once!

  • Restore cleared tasks
    (Recycle Bin)

    Som Premium users can restore deleted tasks. Keep clam and carry on managing your tasks.